Company Profile
RAIPCO is an international energy trading company. We are proud of our role in helping to meet the increasing demands for energy in Middle East. Our primary purpose is trading Crude oil, Diesel, Fuel, Oil, Base Oil, Bitumen, Polyethylene and Gas (LPG-LNG-NG)

Is a company specified in offering energy and petroleum contract, headquartered in the UAE. Our main aim is to connect buyers to our reliable and genuine end-seller in every successful transaction.

Our primary purpose is providing Crude oil and LPG from many countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Nigeria.

We are able to accomplish any requested demand, whether in small or large quantities, at long-term (annual) or short term (Spot) basis, always at the most competitive prices.

We are allowed personally on behalf of the Iraqi-Somo Company to introduce the available crude oil offers for the Refineries that haven't any previous commerce experience with the Iraqi-Somo Company.

If you are interested in our company's services, we are ready to represent and register your refinery at the Iraqi-Somo Company, assuring the business contracts and connecting your side directly to execute the purchasing process.

Youssef F. Rai